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Gladstone Robotics offers students the ability to work in an educational environment that promotes hands-on experience in programming, electrical and mechanical fabrication, photography, marketing, and leadership. There are also opportunities in fields like graphic design, public relations, website development, and other aspects of media and social networking. 

There are many scholarship opportunities this year over $50 million, and students will have an impressive extracurricular activity on their resumes. Even if you don't go to Gladstone High School, don't hesitate to come; our doors are open to all students wanting to join.  We meet  Thursdays, from 6:30-8:30 pm  in the middle shop on the east side of the school. 
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Team Overview
    The Gladstone Robotics team is part of the “F.I.R.S.T.” Robotics Competition (FRC) that encourages high school-aged students to venture beyond comfort zones and learn valuable academic and life skills. The skills we learn include computer-aided design (CAD), Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) , electrical and mechanical engineering concepts, computer programming, web design, animation, marketing, problem solving, time management, organization, communication, and collaborative team building.
    Our mentors and parents make it their goal to help us learn to use our talents and resources in making our visions a reality. They teach us skills through hands-on learning while working on our robots and taking them to competition. This organization truly bridges the gap between school and real life applications of STEM technology. It is exciting for us to see application of science and math while building and programming our robot for competition with other teams nationally and internationally.

Team Mission

    The mentors, parents, and participants of Gladstone FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 3131 are dedicated to practical applications of academic skills, and to encourage an appreciation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). We will inspire our team members to achieve high levels of excellence in education and in life.  As a team, we will strive to compete at the highest caliber, while maintaining the mindset of “Gracious Professionalism” as set forth by FIRST. We will share the FIRST experience and principles with those we come in daily contact. We will remain involved in our community, rally their support, and in turn share our victories in both competition and in lifelong team building.

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